MedRec Technologies is one of the pioneering inbound and outbound telemarketing companies catering to the business requirements of a broad spectrum of industries. We can maximize your profit margins by effectively closing sales through our powerful inbound and outbound telemarketing services.


Business expansion to an unfamiliar territory is an uphill task. Telecalling is one of the best and cost-effective tools that can help you reach potential customers and decide whether a particular territory will be apt for investment or not. Now a days it is more difficult to make new customers and retain the existing consumers. So we have to contact or inform our (potential) customers about products and services we have to offer. Telecalling is an economic as well as an effective tool for contacting and informing our new and existing customers about our products and services.This exercise is a double edged sword reason being this can backfire if not done carefully. With MedRec you need not to worry as we have the latest technology and infrastructure and experienced and qualified team to support voice processes. We provide all sorts of services in this domain like customer surveys, telemarketing services, lead generation and customer support to name a few.

We possess a team which is knowledgeable in communication, familiar with how to handle technology. We work in different shifts so that there is somebody on a call at any given point of the day. Our team is trained to deal with all the challenging and unpleasant situations that may arise during a call.

Our telecalling team deals in responding to client queries, catching questions, processing clients’ needs, taking feedback, registering grievances , marketing the products, converting leads into clienteles and trying to impart feelings of allegiance in the clientele.

Our professionals work in close proximity to your business objectives and devise strategic ways to address your customers' issues and improve customer relationships.

B2B telemarketing services:

Our experience coupled with in-depth business knowledge and cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver a tangible return on your investment through B2B telemarketing outsourcing service. We help you convert leads into qualified sales through appointment setting, account profiling, and telesales services.

B2C telemarketing services

MedRec Tech helps you expand your reach into the targeted market with high-quality B2C Telemarketing services. Be it the comprehensive account penetration or a high-volume sales leads qualification, our team is there to leverage the potential of each sales call.

Outbound telemarketing services

We work closely with you to understand your unique selling points (USPs) and accordingly design each marketing campaign in order to boost your bottom lines.

Market research programs

Comprehensive market research programs are undertaken by our team of experts to assimilate accurate information about target markets or customers. Inbound telemarketing services- With state-of-the-art call centers, skilled call agents, automated voice and data services; we provide proven inbound telemarketing services, right from customer acquisition, customer support to upselling/cross-selling.