Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technologies offers a secure, fast, and cheaper medium of carrying out online transaction and online transfer of information without the need of third party verification.

Blockchain Technologies

MedRec is a premier Blockchain development company with scalability, security and high performance being the cornerstone of the development process. We offer innovative, accelerated, real-time Blockchain solutions with minimal coding and benefiting the clients with the full potential of Blockchain technology. We provide additional support and custom Blockchain applications for a vast range of industries to generate high revenue and business growth.

Blockchain is making the existence of cryptocurrency possible. BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum networks are some great example of digital currency that offers easy and secure payment network over the web. Blockchain is used to store and maintain the records of payment transfers between two or more parties and it acts as a ledger for digital currency transfer.

Blockchain-based payment networks offer maximum possible security, high speed and have transparency in functioning. Blockchain technology is one in a million to use as it has no competitors at present and the benefits of using Blockchain is a never-ending list. MedRec offers various services in Blockchain technology with some major breakthrough in every project as the technology has not reached its full potential yet.


MedRec Blockchain Services :

Cryptocurrency Exchange Services :

Digital money is all you need nowadays for any and every transaction. We, at MedRec, offer affordable cryptocurrency service all around the globe. Our dedicated team of Blockchain developers is highly experienced and assure the development of customized Blockchain applications for cryptocurrency exchange service. Our cryptocurrency platforms enable clients to exchange and trade crypto coins with utmost security and speed.

Private Blockchain :

MedRec offers extremely secure and scalable private Blockchain services so that the client data cannot be tempered and altered in any circumstances. Our private currency exchange software are immutable and ideal for big corporates and organizations where data is a vulnerable and critical element. Our developers offer decentralized peer to peer private Blockchain services with high speed and confidential transfers which cannot be forged and no data manipulation is possible.

Wallet Development Services :

MedRec expert team offers specialized cryptocurrency wallet development services which can be accessed using the app. Blockchain wallet is basically an application for digital currency transfer between Blockchain users. It helps the user to keep track of all previous transactions with a simplified user interface. Our cryptocurrency wallet developers develop custom-tailored wallets using encryption methods to ensure user data security and private key management.

Blockchain Consulting and Support :

We have a Blockchain consulting wing for newcomers to the technology. We help our clients to understand the importance of cryptocurrency and the need for moving the business to Blockchain. We make clients understand complete cryptographic methods and development of effective and secure software which is critical to business growth. We also offer after launch services to keep the Blockchain tool up to date with the latest development in the technology and troubleshoot the user inquiries.

Supply Chain Blockchain Services :

Data and finance are the most critical parts of supply chain management. Use of Blockchain for SCM is ideal and offers great level of transparency and security. With cryptocurrency trading services, MedRec offers high-quality supply chains to increase business growth with high customer values and optimized cryptocurrency transactions. Our dedicated team uses the advantages distributed ledger system with shared datasets hence no data tempering is ever possible in supply chain Blockchain.