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How Smart Parking App Improves User experience?

Congestion on roads for securing a parking spot is a familiar sight. All of us have been in that situation where an appropriate parking spot just doesn't appear. And when it does, we have to wait for the other vehicles to locomote. Even listening to sound melodies doesn't do any good during this time. After all, how can one spend more than 15 minutes in parking a car?

A report by USA Today claims that drivers spend over 17 hours in a year to search for a parking spot. The report takes into account streets, garages and parking lots. Cheers! You just consumed two working days of your year in parking your car. But, we don't blame you because there is no way one can avoid congestion. Is there?

Let's contradict the preceding assertion and introduce you to the term "Smart Parking".

Smart Parking Application as an intelligent solution to the parking problems

Smart Parking has been a buzz phrase lately, which is largely due to its ability to render Intelligent Parking assistance system. In simple words, smart parking is a strategy that consolidates human innovation and its alliance with the technologies available.

Smart Parking App Development

Smart Car Parking System is very similar to transportation intelligence that is guided by GPS. Let us take an example of you planning to go for a lavish dinner tonight. For that, you open your laptop, review the luxury restaurants and finally book one of them.

Since you don't want to spend your time finding a car parking slot, you refer a smart parking app for the same. You add filters to your search about on- and off-road parking spots. In return, the IoT based Intelligent Car Parking App provides you with details of the available car parking slots near your preferred destinations.

You choose one of the off-street garages and book the spot for a specific time. You reach the destination on-time courtesy of the guidance of GPS. To your amusement, the garage recognizes your car and instantly guides you to the spot you booked.

What you leave behind is congestion, frustration and pollution. What you welcome is the seamless integration of human innovation and technology.

How does a smart parking system work?

A smart parking system is an effective solution developed against the problem of on- and off-street parking. For understanding how a smart parking system works, it is essential to comprehend the information about the various elements that contribute to the development of an intelligent parking system.

  • Sensors :

    Sensors are embedded within the roads and grounds to provide the parking operators knowledge about consumer behaviour and whether or not a suitable parking slot is available.

  • Cameras :

    Cameras attached to the high point views near the parking lot allow the operators to perceive the dimension and movement of the vehicle.

  • Parking meters :

    Parking meter is an intermediate between the operator and the user. It provides authorization and payment information to the operator.

  • Smart parking management solutions
  • Central Server :

    As the name suggests, a central server is responsible for communicating with sensors, cameras and mobile applications.

  • Parking Management software :

    Typically associated with interaction with stakeholders as it provides them with real-time information pertaining to the parking process.

  • IoT based Smart Parking Mobile Apps :

    With regard to the process, a mobile app contributes to the processing of transactions. All-in-all, mobile apps are responsible for allowing the user to identify the spaces on the streets and slots available in the garages.

Now that you're aware of the things working in the background, you must know how smart parking system works:

  • Input :

    Sensors, cameras and parking meters collect and transfer the information about the vehicle and the surroundings to the parking operators.

  • Processing :

    Once, the information about the parking slot and consumer's vehicle is received, the central server securely stores this information and informs the stakeholders about the granting of the slot.

  • Output :

    The underlying software or application processes the data received from the aforementioned devices and reserves a parking spot for the consumer. If the consumer has previously booked the parking space, the software guides the driver to the same.

Smart Parking Solutions and the Improved user experience

The seamless combination of technology and human innovation paves the way for an effective parking solution that can save not only your money but also your time. With real-time updates and comfortable navigation, Smart Parking App is a perfect disruptor for the parking process.

The best part is that you can reserve your space even before visiting the parking lot. It is similar to what you do while booking seats in a movie hall. Let us look at how smart parking benefits the citizens and improves the parking experience.

Smart parking solutions reduces the traffic

Considering the fact that several intelligent apps provide the facility to book a parking lot online, there are fewer cars roaming around for spaces on the streets. People who have booked their lots reach the destination at specific timings, which avoids overcrowding.

Smart Parking System reduces the pollution

Air pollution is one of the biggest issues that the world needs to address to sustain life in the forthcoming days. Smart parking is one of those methods that reduce the congestion on roads and consequently decreases fuel combustion.

Smart Parking Solutions pave the way for innovative pricing

Smart parking is a dynamic approach to carry out the parking process. This dynamism is prominently observed in the pricing that the operators specify for the parking lots. That said, the pricing depends upon the occupancy and the number of customers. If the number of people is more, you'll have to pay more and vice versa.

Smart parking Solutions safeguard the vehicles

Everyone wants the vehicle to be safeguarded, and smart parking lots provide just that. With enhanced security systems in place and equipment like cameras and sensors regularly monitoring the parking spaces, these parking lots are ideal destinations for leaving the vehicles even for more extended periods.

Smart Parking App reduces the Parking Management Cost

Intelligent parking systems are usually dependent on online transaction methods and payment gateways. For this exact reason, companies offering smart parking spaces allow the users to pay the rent through debit cards, credit cards and other digital wallets. This integrated system works in favour of reducing the management cost for the consumer as well as the organizations.

Smart parking technology is the future for metropolitan cities, in particular, where congestion and consequent air pollution are the major issues.