Ecommerce Management Solutions

The ecommerce niche is a highly competitive one. Thus, choosing the right ecommerce software solution helps you deliver the best experience across various channels.

Ecommerce Management Services

Growing internet is boosting commercial transaction leading to various Ecommerce services in use at a greater pace. Whenever you are buying or selling things using the internet, you are under an ecommerce platform. ecommerce is growing around 23% year over year and is expected to touch the retail sale up to $27 trillion by 2020.

MedRec Technologies provides ecommerce management solutions that help their clients enable their customers to shop from any place, any time regardless of location, device, platform and browser. E-commerce management basically unifies retailers' approach to the shoppers needs from every owned brands, location, languages and currencies. It has made it easier for the products to discover and purchase through online retailers. E-commerce management helps retail sale websites with the various forms of transactional relationships between consumers and businesses to deal with every aspect of the online shopping.

The E-commerce industry is the next wave of change for the economy. It is going to remove the boundaries between the conventional and electronic commerce with more and more business moving sections of their operation on to the internet. E-commerce management keeps track of these trends in technology, customers, and marketing. It helps retail sellers by equipping them with the powerful tool to keep pace with the shoppers across the multiple channels.


Retail online shops provide the ability to expand your business on the international market and E-commerce management helps these retailers in exploring their strength on several platforms.

Ecommerce Management Services

E-commerce provides huge opportunities for online sellers and buyers but this industry has various challenges that need to be overcome to provide the flexible working of the system. This can be done by having the proper Ecommerce management solutions that benefits both the business and end users. The predictive intelligence used under the E-commerce management software can also personalize shoppers needs at each touch point. This is one of the key strengths for the thousands of sellers and buyers making beeline for this emerging trend. Thus, having the right ecommerce software solution provides one with the compelling experience to manage customers and business across multiple channels.


Our Ecommerce Management Services

We, at the MedRec Technologies, offer an integrated E-commerce management platform which brilliantly combines all the aspects of front and back end development. The ecommerce software solutions we provide have in-depth understanding of the business and its requirements encompassing inventory & order management, content management, website development and much more. As a mature E-commerce management strategy, we provide solutions to day to day online retail software. Our time tested process and model helps the online retail market to avoid all the risk factors. Following are some of the E-commerce management solutions we offer:

  • We provide importing new products and services to the retail websites.
  • We provide Cloud based ecommerce solutions for managing orders, inventory, shipping etc.
  • We provide Digital marketing and social media marketing solutions to boost the product marketing.
  • We enable Integration with the leading ecommerce software platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart.
  • We provide round the clock customer support and vendor management to overcome the geographical limitations.
  • We enable retail management websites to facilitate sales across multiple channels.