Automation and robotics is a specialised engineering branch that provides in-depth knowledge in the areas concerning electro-mechanics, robotic sensors, automatic system and artificial intelligence. This deals with designing robots, maintaining them, developing new applications and research in the automation system.

Robotics & Automation Services

MedRec is one of the leading automation and robotics application solution provider. We are a pedestal to a wide range of industries viz. social, research, share market, mining, home and security, retail, e-commerce, medical and healthcare. We offer a one-stop solution to all your industrial needs.

To get ahead in this competitive world, it is necessary to keep up the pace with high intensity and that is what robotics and automation engineering deals with. Use of complex algorithms with high-end robotics engineering and computers makes a good combination and reduces manual work and hours of labor. With the help of automation software and tools, one can reduce the cost of production and increase the production rate at an exceptional level.

Our Robotics & Automation Services

Automation Solutions :

Higher production with low cost of investment is what every industry needs most. Automation is a process of using minimal human assistance for any operation. Automatic operating equipment is used in almost all industries like defense, home appliances, aircraft, ships, vehicles etc.

Team MedRec offers a great scope of automated and augmented robotic applications for various industries. Our automation engineering experts use a high level approach to develop industrial automation robots with the user-friendly operating process which ensures high quality, reduced cost, higher productivity, and greater ROI on robots.

UML- based Robotics Development :

Robotics is a live example of human intelligence. MedRec offers world-class Industrial Robotics Services to a large set of clientele around the globe. The robotics team at MedRec is dedicated towards the development of high-end competitive robotics for home, medical, research, defense, and automotive industries. Our Robotics Services varies as per the client needs viz. robots, Humanoids (human-robot), drones, auto-driven robotics, etc.

Robotics services offered by MedRec have high potential and enhance the productivity and profitability of the organization. Our in house robotics engineering teams are dedicated and keep a keen eye on the entire development process. We follow the business process strictly and apply the best practices available in the market. Robotics requires consistent maintenance and updates.

MedRec Make sure to perform all necessary maintenance operations on time and is ready for any ad-hoc situations. Our robotics are extremely accurate, very fast and robust in nature and integrated with all latest operation applications. MedRec aims to manufacture exclusive high-quality industrial robots with design innovations that facilitate affordable solutions and a faster ROI.

We develop industrial collaborative robots that automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes to businesses of every size. Our robots are lightweight, compact, flexible, easy to unpack and deploy, and multipurpose. Each robot developed by us goes through multiple stages of testing to ensure operational quality and safety. We provide engineering products solutions and consultancy in areas like robotic simulation and control, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, virtual reality, and navigation applications.

The quality, productivity output consistency can be increased using automation and robotics techniques. The services provided by us reduces operational costs, labor costs, other expenses and ensures non-hazardous workplaces.

Automation & Robotics