Java Development

Java is one of the pioneer programming languages of the modern era, which introduced the concept of platform independence. Most of the modern day technologies have roots in Java.

App Development with Java Programming

Java is one of the thriving technologies which runs on the philosophy of “Write once, runs anywhere”, used for delivering and developing enterprise software, web content, games, application. We at MedRec provide highly scalable Android App Development In Java that swiftly adapts to growing business needs. Java is highly used in real world ranging from an ecommerce website to android apps, from financial application to any scientific applications and the most important embedded systems. Java’s feature of providing interoperability among disparate devices makes it an extremely useful resource for the business purpose. This Object oriented language has all the features of the modern programming languages which offer scalability, performance, and the reliability to the companies for developing their applications. Java provides a robust code which cuts down with the line of code. This feature is known as Automatic Resource management of the objects provided under the business entity. This is what we at MedRec provides to our customers.

Java as a technology has a big market share among the companies. All the three sectors say, Company software, IT and service and Internet are the booming areas with this technology. At present, 64% of the market share belongs to Java customers which are providing around 1 million to 10 million revenues to them. It provides a light framework enabling concurrency of the task. Java provides reusable codes which add to the independent functioning of the technology and agility to build applications. One of the traditional market areas for Java is embedded systems. Java’s ability to execute code in separate threads makes it one of the most popular languages among embedded devices. One can use Java by incorporating the applications into digital landscape, embracing enterprises disruption, strengthening end user experience and thus boosting overall business value.


ERP Java Development Solutions for your Business :

Java API consists of a set of libraries including security concepts and basic objects which act as the powerful and proven tool for the enterprise application development. With the boom in information technology there are many languages which are coming up with the easy deployment services, but when it comes to scalability, robustness, security Java is still one of the best choices among the developers. There are many business areas which are still running successfully under Java. Following are some of the fields where Java development had proven with the best revenues to the companies :

  • Java is one of the highly notably programming languages used these days for android app development, making it single handedly the most accessible platform when it comes to have versatility and security. The android phones and apps that are used by heavy mass these days are having much of their coding done in Java.
  • Java is also used in many machine learning and data science applications, providing the robust and cross platform capabilities.
  • Java’s parallel-programming concepts through concurrency utilities make them the suitable choice for the embedded systems.
  • It provides modularity and loose coupling between the software entities which makes it a revolutionary concept to be used for Java software development.

Our Java Development Services :

With the growing importance of web based applications Java is becoming one of the most important networks for the growth parameters of the company. MedRec helps companies in acquiring those growth parameters by providing cross- functionality and portability of the programs. Following are some of the Java Development services we offer :

  • We implement the desktop GUI application using Java development.
  • Web applications including e-commerce, front end and back end are one of the major concern areas for us.
  • Designing of the web and application servers using Java.
  • We offer enterprise, Scientific and middleware products.
  • Android App Development using Java framework are keen interest areas among our developers.