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Being a prime Lead Generation Company, our mission is straight-forward; we provide our clients with everything they need to make their sales development team stronger than ever before.

Lead Generation Services & Solutions

To have a fitting comprehension of our Lead generation Services & Solutions, let's begin with the definition of a lead. Any person that showcases interest in company's products and services in any form is known as a lead. Some businesses might assume the concept of lead generation pretty straightforward, and this is where they are knocked out from the competition.

At MedRec Technologies, we endeavour to bring about a transition in the ill-comprehension of lead generation by encouraging appropriate leads in favour of the sales pipeline.

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Leads are usually categorized into four types:

  • marketing qualified leads
  • sales qualified leads
  • product qualified leads
  • service qualified leads

Marketing qualified leads are the ones who have connected with the business' marketing team. Generally, these leads don't want to receive the sales call, but through our optimum strategies, these types of leads can be targeted easily.

The second type corresponds to the sales qualified leads, which have the contact of the company and are willing to be paid customers. These are relatively easier to acquire. Product Qualified leads are next in the line who have used the company's product. To target such leads, we ask the companies to offer a trial version of their product or service with an option to upgrade to a premium version.

Last but not least, are the service qualified leads and for targeting them, our customer representatives support the respective businesses in improving their terms and policies so that their customer is always interested in upgrading and extending the subscription.

B2B Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is the second step in inbound marketing methodology. It takes place when the company has attracted an audience which can be easily converted into leads for the company's sales team.

MedRec's representatives elucidate the customers with the lead generation process and how to transform strangers into the promoters.

Next step in the lead generation process is to guide the customers about lead generation marketing to drive traffic towards the company's platform and start the generation of leads. We further aid the customers in creating their content to allow them to attract the users through their useful and free information.

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Revenue driven data, data generation and enrichment

Most importantly, the lead generation process demands factually correct data. That's just what we provide our customers with. The alliance with MedRec accounts for the selection of most befitting prospects. These prospects are brought forth in compliance with the ideal customer profile defined by the company.

Besides, we have expertise in segregating the data and retrieving the information that is directly relevant to the company's cause. In simple words, the data generated pertaining to the leads is a filtered outcome, including the most valuable candidates.

What if your database is outdated? We'll tell you—you won't be able to generate relevant leads. Outdated database means vagueness and vagueness accounts for not-so-ideal leads. To tackle this issue, the experts at MedRec reconcile the lead generation approach by validating and segregating the old data from the database. Apart from this, our team regularly monitors the database for updates and deletions.

Altogether, hiring MedRec (a dominant Lead Generation Company) relates to the utilization of appropriate data to generate apt prospects. Isn't that what you wanted?