Looking for reliable and affordable audio/ video or speech to text transcription services? Transcription specialists at MedRec Technologies are UK based native English- speakers who work to meet your business objectives.

Transcription Services

Do you find it challenging to compile and note down the meeting minutes during a business meeting? Well, while commencing a business or running a company with the need for an idea, team and research, there is also a requirement to conduct a series of conferences, interviews and seminars. Pertaining to that, an essential requirement is to record the proceedings of the sessions and business meetings for review and analysis. This is where transcription services become necessary to consolidate.

MedRec Technologies provides Speech to Text transcription services for the sectors including finance, technology, marketing, health and law.

Transcription, Translation & Transcribing Services Company In London, United Kingdom

With regard to the technicality, transcription is a skillful task, one that requires a keen focus. Favourably, experts at MedRec are proficient in transcription, translation & transcribing; are provided with the necessary software to perform the, otherwise, daunting task easily.

Importance of Transcription & Transcribing services

1.    If you are a business that regularly meets its customers and deals with the clients, then speech transcription is necessary to record the queries, feedback and complaints of the customers. In addition to that, if your company leverages voicemail services to make contact with the customers, then specialists at MedRec Technologies can help you share the customer insights for your analysis.

2.    You can save time and efforts as transcription is an intimidating task that brings together special software and professionals. This is what you achieve when you outsource your transcription service to MedRec Technologies.

3.    During a conference or a seminar, it is a little inconvenient for the people to listen and write simultaneously. Also, it may be possible that few people won't attend the critical meetings. Hence, our experts diffuse the word by giving a transcribed document to everyone.

4.   Transcribing the brainstorming meetings, sales description, customer reviews help the businesses to aggrandize their sales, improve their market analysis and further their product development endeavours. To add to the glimmery, the experts at MedRec have sufficient knowledge of how to jot down the sales representation, business ideas etc.

5.    Apart from this, transcribing communications in meetings is also necessary for a business to circumvent disputes as a consequence of them can be lawsuits.

6.    Besides, if someone has a hearing disability transcribing the meetings, audiovisual files would be beneficial for them.

Let us meet your Transcription requirements

MedRec Technologies endeavours to provide you with quality audio/ video transcription services that ideally comply with the specific domain your business resides in. That said, the professionals at MedRec usually work in favour of a 60-70 wpm typing speed, which is an exemplary measure corresponding to the global transcription service. Besides, our operations are concentrated on meeting diverse business requirements through the use of cutting-edge technology that brings forth the current trends and IT developments into the implementation process.

Want to know the reason behind our success?

If you are wondering about rocket science, you are at the wrong place because the process of transcription carried out by MedRec is a combination of smart work and hard work. Our success is a direct result of the swift conversion, multi-level QA validation, secure encryption, adequate customization, and minimum turnaround time. Get a free quote now to know more about our offerings.