C/ C++ Development

As a middle-level language, C combines benefits of both low machine level languages and high-level developer friendly languages. Further, it is fast, structured, portable and has a rich library. MedRec Technologies offers C/C++ Development Services for MacOS, Windows & Linux.

C & C++ Programming Solutions

While C and C++ may have gone under the shadow in recent times, there's no denying that both these languages form the basis of programming. When it comes to the construction of Software or Computation platforms, programmers look for C implementations. In other words, the rich function library, high portability, scripting systems and swift response make C and C++ software apt for high-performing applications pertaining to your business. These are the most significant reasons why experts at MedRec Technologies prefer Software development in C and C++.

Why C/ C++ Development?

C is one of the most basic yet the most utilised languages in the IT industry. An astonishing 90 per cent of the Software that you use on your computers are developed in C or its superset C++. Besides, C is the backbone of embedded and mechanisation systems primarily because of its robust nature and powerful built-in functions and operators. Most importantly, much of the Computer Science architecture featuring Operating System (OS), Graphic User Interface (GUI), Image Processing, Multi-threading, Game Development and Graphics program, rests on the functionalities rendered by C.

If that isn't enough for you to opt for C, you must know that it is an internationally standardised language, something that's more like an icing on the cake for your application.

Does C++ Development make for a win-win situation?

We bet, it does. C++ is a very powerful language, one which provides flexible accessibility. In simple words, it is equally beneficial for beginners and experienced developers. Apart from that, C++ is the ideal choice for high-performance applications courtesy of it being a subject to scope-bound resource management (SRBM). This is the reason why it is highly preferred for Game Development, High-performance real-time systems and precision-based development.

Do you know what's intriguing about all of these technicalities? They come in a language which renders an extensive library of tools and functionalities useful enough to kick start your business with an excellent application.

How our C/ C++ Programming Solutions help you scale your business?

We render scalable applications

The experts at MedRec technologies are adept in C and C++ software development. That said, we endeavour to employ both these languages for resource-intensive applications. In turn, you get a Software, which is highly-scalable and resourceful.

We enhance the game development arena

Gaming applications generally require a significant amount of input in the name of intriguing graphics (both 2D and 3D). For this, we ensure that the functionalities of C++ are appropriately put to place. Additionally, we utilise C++'s statically typed characteristics to make your games run smooth and fast.

C and C++

We assist you in creating Firmware for a variety of industrial applications

Our focus is to manipulate the standard containers and smart pointers to develop high-performance abstraction libraries and embedded systems dynamically. Concurrently, the experts ensure that your Firmware is safe and secure, which is an essentiality for your C++ application to consolidate while embracing the industrial domain.

We enhance your planning experience

If you're concerned about the planning and manufacturing of your products, there's nothing better than opting for a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system. That said, the experts at MedRec aim at ideally designing your CAD/CAM systems suitable for the inventory and production planning you've always dreamt about.

We monitor your Software performance

Besides C and C++ software development, our experts maintain application topology and analyse the associated transactions using C/C++ application performance monitoring.