Mobile App Development

The World of IT is changing every minute and so is Mobile App Development. Mobile Applications have become the first and foremost need of today's business and thus it has changed the way businesses interact with the end-users, whether the end-user is a customer, employee, business partner, or even a service.

Android & iOS App Development

MedRec Technologies, a trusted mobile app development company, offers a wide range of solutions for customized application development for various platforms to global clients at affordable prices. People now use mobile phones more than before. An average smartphone user uses at least 30 apps in a month. The answer to every question lies in the mobile phone.

Mobile apps are an easier platform for businesses to generate revenue. Many businesses do not use physical medium and rely only on virtual apps for business growth and success. Apps increase communication with customers and offer value and time saving to consumers. Even for a local or small business, apps are potentially important.

MedRec Technologies has a team of specialized mobile app developers for customized mobile app development and offers a wide range of services such as Android App Development, iOS App Development, Native App Development, Real-Time Application, Web and E-Commerce application, etc.

We focus on the quality of the product and our team makes sure to develop, test & to deliver the app best in both use and gaze.

We start the project planning with client interaction and fetching out all the needs and requirements of the business. We make a plan and timeline for the mobile application development. Our core team works hard to design an app by keeping it simple yet user-friendly. The QA testing team takes uphill battle with the app and tries to find out every tiny bug in the app. The expert team takes on all the challenges faced by the QA team and remodel the app. Now after the final testing, we deliver the product to the client with extended support for maintenance and up gradation in the future. Our fully functional team of highly trained app developers works closely on screen, input, mobility, outlines, interface and user interaction.

Being top mobile app development company, We use the latest app development methodologies to support cross-platform compatibility for apps including Apple Watch Compatibility, Apple TV Compatibility, Android Wear Compatibility, and Android TV Compatibility. This gives consumers a new experience to use the app anywhere and everywhere and this, in turn, provides a great ROI to the business.

Mobile App Development

We offer various features for mobile apps such as :

  • Mobility for better user interface and cross channel compatibility.
  • API Integration for access to 3rd party apps.
  • Swift programming for iOS apps.
  • iBeacon & BLE Device Integration for high Bluetooth quality used for fitness devices.
  • Payment Gateways for e-commerce apps and other internet money transactions.
  • Audio/Video Streaming for live streaming of music and videos.

App Design & Development Process at MedRec

Need Assessment :

The work begins with client interaction on important key points of the app. We analyze the data based on the need of the business and derive the best possible planning for the mobile application development.

Technology Planning :

Based on the need analysis we select the technologies and tools to be used for the app development process. A fresh, simple and creative design is implemented for app development.

Mobile App Development :

Our multi-platform app development expert team develops the prototype of the app with a wide range of features incorporated using the best development strategies.

Application Testing & Analysis :

Our certified QA team tests the app all handheld devices across various platforms for loading time, code, appearance, ease of use and mark the loopholes in the app. A new customized and updated version of the app is developed.

Application Launch :

After multiple stages of testing and getting OK, the app is launched on various platforms viz. Android, iOS, and Windows. The aim is to achieve the optimum goals of a business and providing the supreme user interface.

Mobile App Support & Maintenance :

We offer extended to support 24 *7 for maintenance and up-gradation of the app. We make sure to help our clients in every way possible to grow their business and ROI.