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MedRec Technologies claims the expertise to combine business and industry insights with technology know-how. We define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

Other IT Services

As we with the paradigm shift towards digitization, companies are not only digitally evolving but also trying to utilize technology to increase productivity and efficiency. In the present era of digitization, Companies must focus on how they can leverage technology to their business benefit.

Thus, to reduce costs and maximize growth, Companies should have sought IT Consulting and Outsourcing options for leveraging on technology. While setting up an IT system or vertical can sound convenient, it can be challenging. With no proper know-how, even the best of best systems can be a failure.

As such, offering expertise MedRec Technologies can be your 360degree IT support. We have hands-on experience, market knowledge and impending proficiency providing exceptional IT Management and IT Maintenance support.

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We also cater to IT business solutions by associating and providing Small and Medium Business It Consulting Services along with a complete package of Monitoring and Support. As setting up servers and systems aren’t enough, securing and encrypting your documents and files to eliminate any infringement, we also provide server system administration. We are also domain experts in setting up VPN systems for proper and effective virtual private networks.

As we step into the digital world, the first understanding of any Company is to build applications and websites. However, Companies often fall short in maintaining setups or require extra support. Thus, providing server exchange systems as a mail server and calendaring servers. It supports calendaring, scheduling, contact by deploying on the Microsoft Operating server system.

Thus, you can now maintain your schedules and sync your calendar throughout your workforce and manage the central data system. This also offers you the provision of fetching real-time updates and sharing inputs simultaneously. We guarantee your business to be efficient and productive.

Further, our excellent team is professional and provides support even in managing your goods, acquiring and buying goods through the procurement software system. Our online procurement software is beneficial for companies automating the process of purchases and at the same time managing inventory. It does not just match purchase requirements but also further match the goods received, sharing information on differences and deficits. An engaging and vital software system, procurement software system can enhance the productivity of your workforce.

Our years of proven leadership in the market also make us expert consultants in providing cloud computing systems. Hence, initiating designs, architecture, development, and deployment of cloud servers for your data and It management is a complete responsibility of our IT team. We also offer to provide and set up your complete service and resource setup through our cloud computing systems. Thus, making your workforce management, reporting, data collection, analysis and growth available through a centralized platform at an affordable cost. Thus, connecting your business globally, our cloud solutions also help your business expand and grow globally.

Our quality and exceptional IT services also include Server Virtualization Services. Since the concept of Virtualization is just making abuzz in the market you must collaborate with the right and authentic partners if you are looking for Microsoft’s Hyper-V or VMware Consulting. Therefore, as experts in the domain, MedRec Technologies provides you a complete guide and solution support for all your IT business needs.