NLP — Natural Language Processing is the component that bridges the gap between human and computer programmed understanding (regardless of which human is talking, what language is spoken and the way in which, perhaps grammatically, they are talking)

NLP Services & Solutions

"If only there was a special machine for discerning your language! Well, there is. It's right here."

Ever wondered how the search engines perceive your semantically embellished questions to render the desired results? Before we tell you the science behind the aforementioned query, let us understand the concept of Natural Language Processing (NLP), whose prominence has extended beyond the comprehension of being just-a-buzzword.

Natural Language Processing provides you with the ability to foster computer and human interaction. That said, it's a component that MedRec Technologies highly-values for rendering NLP services on Data Acquisition, Speech Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Entity Recognition, Automatic Text, Auto Blogging, Data Mining Integration, Machine Translation, Computer Assisted Coding and much more. Besides, considering the technologically magnified scenario, it has become essential to integrate your business with intelligent systems for perpetual growth.

Think about GOOGLE, the most popular search engine. Within a matter of milliseconds, it presents you with a million results. Out of these, a good portion complies with the query you put up. Now that's brilliant considering the accuracy and the speed with which your requirements are met; however, it isn't something unexpected. Instead, it is what most companies utilize for establishing a radical and interactive interface.

Our NLP Offerings

Our NLP services can aid you in improving your business performance. Below are the different ways in which MedRec Technologies leverages the tools and technologies to bolster your business.

NLP Solutions that enhance the overall user experience :

User-friendly experience is no more the icing on the cake but essentiality for your business to intrigue the audience. That said, our NLP services including Automatic text summarization, Autocorrect, Automatic question answering and Auto Speech transform your application into a dynamic companion, which eases the navigation and enriches the interface experience.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services and Solutions Company We instill knowledge into your application :

Have you heard of Chatbots? We bet you have. The prominence of chatbots has increased with the inception of Natural Language Processing. Favorably, our AI experts design the chatbots, which can favor the user-navigation, knowledge discovery and even manage accounts. Well, you don't need to personally solve the queries.

Our NLP solutions will assist you in monitoring your Business :

Businesses, in the modern-day, are all about customer reviews and feedbacks left by the customers. Our Text Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Sentiment Analysis services quickly segregate the positive, negative and neutral feedback for swift evaluation.

We believe in rendering AI powered Smart Search :

NLP is but a component of Artificial Intelligence. In addition to the autocorrect and autocomplete applications concerning the search engines, experts at MedRec Technologies are adept in rendering tools for promoting Smart/Intelligent Search. We emphasize on providing AI powered smart e-commerce solutions that can automatically update the product catalog with each search.


Are you new to the NLP domain? If you are, then you should be aware of its Technicalities.

The Science behind Natural Language Processing

Even if you have little knowledge about this field, the approach to NLP is quite straightforward and coherent. The algorithms sustaining each application of NLP work in favor of the following steps:

  • Lexical Analysis: Segregation of language into smaller units such as sentences or words.
  • Syntactic Analysis: Analysis of the sentences with respect to grammar.
  • Semantic Analysis: Establishment of meanings and relationships in the text.
  • Discourse Integration: Construction of semantic flow or structuring of meaningful sentences.
  • Pragmatic Analysis: Re-interpretation of the structure and its association with the real-world.
Natural Language Processing- NLP simplified

This is how the algorithms are designed concerning search engines or chatbots. Hence, when you enter your query, the search engine learns the association of the words, consequently enabling you to drop a question precisely in the way you converse.

Want your Mobile App to be Intelligent?

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NLP as a discipline of Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing is frequently compared with Human-like Language Processing. While the human-level of linguistic analysis is garnered utilizing a distinctive level of combinations, it ideally correlates with the human-like performance of NLP (Liddy, 2001).

Having said that, most of the researchers call NLP as the guiding factor to advance the range of applications sustained by AI. This field is perhaps an accomplishing acquaintance that can work you forward in your endeavors of Automation, Information Retrieval, and Machine Translation.

NLP Applications Development

NLP nurtures sentiment analysis, a tool that can build your brand and convert prospects into customers. Moreover, the technology offers you a personal digital assistant who can integrate with your business to demonstrate the data-driven analytics. As a text mining technology, NLP is deeply rooted in the enhancement of various text analysis tools, including Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Hemingway App, etc. Besides, NLP empowers the machines to process human language and store the information in the structured format, thus, making it easy for retrieval of the same. Altogether, the technology is the repository of tools devoted to providing you with the best NLP applications development services possible.