Customer Onboarding

We help you simplify and build your onboarding process, making it less complex and more effective to win new and lasting clients.

Customer/ Client Onboarding Software

Customer onboarding accounts for the conversion of prospects who sign up for the services and, in the end, avail them as customers. While customer onboarding is a basic subject and a pre-requisite for a productive and active business, most of the companies remain oblivious to its vitality. As a result, they are never able to transform the prospects into customers and, ultimately fail the market. For this exact reason, MedRec Technologies helps to simplify and to build an efficient customer /client onboarding process which can boost the conversion rate and bring to you lasting clients.

Customer/ Client Onboarding Software Solutions & Services

Why is Customer Onboarding Software so important?

Consider a user X coming signing up for availing the services you provide. However, X is not impressed with the complicated onboarding and soon breaks the association. Very similar entities like X approach your portal but do not convert into customers. If you don't believe in the aforementioned theory, you might relate to the numbers.

That said, companies lose more than 75% of users within the first week. Even if many users have bought your services, likely, 40 to 60% will never follow up. These are alarming rates for a company that is trying to establish itself in the market or endeavouring to keep aloof of the competitors. Hence, there is always a need for an efficacious onboarding process that can not only retain new users but also transform them into lasting clients.

Customer Onboarding Software helps your business

No, it's not just about delighting the customer but also about reforming the structure of your business. With appropriate onboarding in place, there is more to the business success in the name of:

Recurring business :

According to a report published by Gartner, around 80% of any company's revenue is a direct result of the contribution from 20% of existing customers. Customer retention is essential for business, something that is achieved through a strong and steadfast onboarding process.

Increased revenue :

Revenue increases when customers stick to the product and services. To garner the customer-company relationship, the latter must align towards opting for an organized user onboarding process. No doubt, better onboarding can bring forth more genuine and lasting customers, thus increasing the engagement.

Little service load :

Problems are encountered by those customers who are not appropriately briefed about the services by the associated company. However, a good customer onboarding process can reduce the number of issues, for it can answer the queries of the customers and provide them with a comprehensive insight into the utilization of the product.

MedRec is your customer onboarding partner

At MedRec Technologies, we stick to best practices that ensure the provision of lasting clients. Our approach to client onboarding rests on the following points:

We understand your customers :

based on your Ideal Customer Profile; we build an image of an ideal customer and what challenges he/she might face during customer onboarding.

We exhibit the service value :

The interest in a service is constructed by outlining the value the service can provide to the customer. That said, MedRec renders the customers with specific examples, which can explicitly detail the confrontation of pain points.

We highly value communication :

We believe in the philosophy of response/reply/answer and therefore, regularly follow up with emails or text messages during the client onboarding process.

Customer-centric flow :

Selling a service requires an intriguing customer. Hence, the customer is the most significant aspect of any business. For this exact reason, we base our functionality entirely on customer-centric flow.