Javascript and React

JavaScript is a programming language used primarily by Web browsers to create a dynamic and interactive experience for the user. Most of the functions and applications that make the Internet indispensable to modern life are coded in some form of JavaScript.

JavaScript and React

If you're looking to create easy and attractive web pages, JavaScript is your armor. Supporting responsive and interactive elements for web pages, JavaScript guarantees enhanced user experience. An object orient programming language, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

If you're looking to develop amazing websites and web pages, MedRec Technologies can be your support team. Developing simple yet effective pages, JavaScript combined with HTML and CSS are strong and form the core basis for your front-end web development. To simplify, JavaScript helps you build interactive webpages with menus, animations, video players or interactive maps too.

However, the scope of JavaScript is not limited to web pages. Though, mobile application development is done with languages like Swift (iOS) and Java for Android, JavaScript even supports mobile application development. JavaScript with frameworks like React Native have made it possible to develop mobile apps through JavaScript Programming.

JavaScript and React

React as an open source programming language developed by Facebook, supports building interfaces. Optimal for fetching rapidly changing data, React also enables creating interactive UIs. Thus, incorporate simple design views in your application and React will efficiently render and optimize the right components as your data evolves.

As such, JavaScript provides many significant libraries offering infinite possibilities and convenient opportunities for development. JavaScript’s JQuery library is designed to simplify HTML. Available as an open source free library it can be used for event handling, CSS animation and manipulation. Thus, JQuery and its user friendly aspect makes it convenient and a widely used JavaScript programming language for about 70% of the businesses worldwide. It also provides developers with an extra advantage to develop plug-ins on top of the library.

Additionally, as content is an integral part of any website development, JavaScript also provides simple and substantial Content Management System (CMS) with Node JS and Total JS. As CMS tools are important, they allow to easily integrate content (text) and graphics (images, pictures, videos) supporting proper layout and separating content and presentation.

Further, Node JS and Total JS also offer exceptional features with simple, effective and beautiful design driven web layouts. They help you manage intriguing commercial or personal websites at your convenience.

How we can Help ?

However, in the present scenario, we know businesses with no online presence or just a plain website is not enough at all. It is important to have a dynamic website with all key information to reach your target audience or to enable them to reach you. Hence, when we create websites for your business we do it using simple but effective tools to make your brand presence stronger and attractive for your target audience. Also, we provide value addition by developing mobile applications and e-commerce powered sites to increase reachability and sales.

Thus, supporting you to build Responsive Web Designs and user-friendly Mobile Applications, MedRec Technologies excels in design and layout. While it is significant to have a flawless website, the designing aspect with proper content information is crucial too. Our team of professionals would not just design, but also, create a strong brand significance online for you, in turn, increasing stakes for your Organizational growth and revenue.