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Mobile Game Development- A step by step Guide

Mobile phones have existed for a long time. As a basic understanding of a mobile phone, the utility included phone calls and messaging. In recent years, mobile phones are more than just calls. You connect with the world, you are entertained and also you can carry out your business through a mobile phone.

With the recent spurt in smart technology, we have noticed an increasing demand for applications in mobile phones. You have assistants that can carry out your task just through your smartphone. In the present scenario, as smartphones are well-equipped with sensors, demand in the mobile gaming industry has also been growing fundamentally. The gaming industry provides free game downloads from the iPhone and Android. Even though the games are available for free, the mobile games industry has witnessed a huge revenue growth and is expected to grow to 91.2$ billion by 2021.

As the industry is growing, you can choose to make a mobile game app for android/iOS. With both markets have their target audience, it is important to know how you can develop a mobile game. Here is an illustrative guide that can be your copy to developing an interactive mobile game application.

How to develop a mobile game?
  • How to develop a mobile game like PUBG with a future deliberation? :

    To develop a mobile game app, you must have a great idea. It is important you properly plan and execute to bring your idea into reality. A great idea of a gaming app should be unique and innovative. Developing games that are similar to what is already existing might fetch you some audience, however, the aim is to get maximum audience. This can happen when you know your audience and provide an original gaming application. Develop a game as good as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) or Call Of Duty so your audience hooks on to your application for a longer span.

    Additionally, knowing your audience and providing them with a new gaming application that is creative and inspiring can support you with monetary benefits too.

  • What are the Dynamics of a good mobile game application? :

    While developing a gaming application, it is important to understand that a simple application is far more appealing and selling rather than a complex application. A complex gaming app that is difficult to understand with harder controls can annoy your users. Whether Android or iPhone, users prefer a gaming application that is easy to follow and play. Your gaming app should be addictive.

    Keeping dynamics of design in mind, create an exceptional UI that provides an extraordinary user experience to the users. The user experience is important and should be well executed if you want your users to come back and use your application. Keep your mobile game application updated at all times so your users face no discomfort in terms of bugs or crashes. This can disappoint them and their engrossing energies. Mobile Game Development

  • How to choose the right tools & technologies for mobile game development? :

    Developing a gaming application can be challenging, UI and UX are important and core components of mobile game development. However, what is equally crucial is to utilize the latest, and most fitting technology for gaming apps. It is equally essential that you identify your platform and develop your application accordingly.

    Coding an application can be complicated if you’re not a developer yourself, you can still get an excellent app developed using the already available development tools. Using a framework available with codes in a library, in different languages as you prefer can make your life easy. These tools also provide multiple graphical abilities and toolsets that make your job easier.

    Unity- Another tough competitor is Unity. Unity is one of the most popular frameworks available for mobile game development. Unity does not require you to have coding skills. It rather simplifies your game application need by offering an integrated development environment (IDE) and behaviors that are easy to drag and drop.

    Unity offers modular tools and exceptional ability to build 2D and 3D games for users. However, you need to have some basic knowledge of the platform for building 3D games, while a new script has been released to make the task simpler for building 2D games. It supports three languages- UnityScript (similar to JS), C# and Boo.

    The free version is available for export to the desktop with the logo being displayed at the beginning of your game. The paid version although available with many features, it can be a little pricey.

    Unreal Engine 4- If you’re looking to make a game like Fortnite, you may want to use the latest development kit like Unreal Engine 4. It provides you the ability to develop mobile games and also for consoles and PC.

    Corona Labs- If you’re a beginner and you are looking for a free development toolkit, you can choose the Corona SDK developed by Corona Labs. With Corona SDK you can develop 2D games and they can perform across multiple platforms. As for beginners, Corona SDK provides tutorials to developers on how they can use the platform and also develop amazing mobile games.

    Lumberyard- Another important toolkit, powered by Amazon is the Lumberyard. A free gaming toolkit, allows developers to host the application with Amazon Web Services, along with, supporting live-streaming on Twitch TV platform.

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  • How to Monetize and Grow your Mobile Game App? :

    Mobile game development is interesting and perplexing at the same time. As you develop an engaging and addictive mobile game for your users, it is equally essential to have a monetization strategy. Even before you plan on how to develop the platform you decide and monetize your gaming app, you also need a good team. The toolkits might be freely available, yet, a good team can strategize and help you grow.

    Thus, for monetization, you need to plan from day one. You can have ads placed in the application, or create an application with in-app purchases for players. However, you can also choose to integrate premium versions where the players are absorbed and would not mind shelling out some cash to continue playing.

    Hence, the guide suggests, the most significant principle of mobile game development is that you plan thoroughly right from the start and execute accordingly.