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React Native Development Company: Hire React Native Developers

React Native Development Company can build excellent mobile apps using React Native.

It is a Javascript framework developed by Facebook which is used for building an application once and can be deployed on both platforms i.e. Android as well as the iOS platform.

You might have heard about developing an app with cross-platform frameworks which are of two types native app development company-based, hybrid app development company, where the codebases are written in languages like Objective-C or Swift and Java respectively, which cannot be reused for any other platform.

In this blog, you will learn about what React Native is, its benefits, and how hiring a React Native development company can benefit your business.

React Native Technology: Why Choose It?

Facebook has done this React Native open-source project to make it easy to build world-class applications and deliver them fast. If you see the market trends, more than 80% of people now have smartphones in their pockets.

Mobile app development is no more considered a trend, it's more of an essential need of enterprises to reach out to the masses at any time and get any feedback. Thus, React Native has become the best choice for many entrepreneurs because it lets them build rich mobile apps that are cross-platform compatible or you can also say code once and run anywhere.

Also, with React Native, one needs not to learn all native languages like Swift & Java separately. Rather they can use JavaScript, which makes this framework very popular among existing frontend developers of shops having limited resources but huge business requirements.

React native development refers to an application that has been coded using the React Native framework. This is a new approach to building mobile apps that can be used in tandem with Javascript and React development frameworks.

Many factors make it fast, flexible, and user-friendly. Work on this cross-platform code is done by experienced programmers at an efficient pace. It will give your business the edge over your competitors.

Hire React Native developers to get a head start on apps that can be built for both Android and iOS platforms using one codebase.

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What is React Native?

React native app development can be fast and efficient if done by experts who have good knowledge of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 frameworks.

It will help you complete projects faster than before while keeping costs low. The application created with this approach has two parts: A JavaScript code & a UI markup which is written in XML or JSX format.

Both these components are pre-processed and then compiled into a single binary file that runs on the target platform (Android or iOS).

This results in an increased installation growth rate as users need not download any additional files.

React Native is a development framework that enables you to build mobile apps using React and JavaScript libraries such as Jest, Flow, and immutable.

The technology also lets developers reuse code across platforms with minor changes in the UI/UX of the app.

What Are the Benefits of React Native Development?

The key benefits of React Native platform are:

  • Built for Performance -
    One can render most components out of the box without any issues on both Android and iOS devices. This significantly speeds up the time taken to load pages (by avoiding unnecessary content like third-party libraries). Also, React Native uses an asynchronous bridge between Javascript & native views which makes it possible to access all APIs from Javascript directly from native modules without going through WebViews or other middlemen.
  • Code Reuse -
    React Native uses a JavaScript-based development stack in which a developer can use the same codebase in developing apps across iOS and Android devices. This in turn reduces time to market, cost of development along with maintenance costs & improves the quality of applications.
  • Easy Integration -
    The good part is that React native allows one to build hybrid apps where they get all the capabilities of native code such as access to advanced OS features like storage or GPS along with simple sharing features for social media platforms via React Native packager.
  • Improved UX -
    Apps built using React Native framework provide easy navigation between screens, a stable framework, and an improved UX experience for users because of faster load times and smoother animations/transitions than other hybrids.
  • Reduced Development Time -
    Unlike other hybrid technologies, React Native has a huge community of developers who create reusable components & libraries to use in your app. This allows developers to focus more on the main logic of an application instead of spending time repetitively coding for function, hence saving time and money from the development point of view.

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Why Do You Need a React Native Development Company?

React Native development company can help you in all stages of your React Native project, from building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to scaling it up and making it enterprise-grade.

Choosing the right react native development company is very important because they can help you in building the right product that meets all your requirements. They will also help to deliver a quick and scalable mobile app solution using React Native which is user-friendly.

Some of the other benefits of hiring a development company include:

  • 1. Mobility is a huge requirement that mobile apps have to meet these days and React Native development companies have the right expertise in handling them. They have experience in building high-quality, scalable mobile apps on React Native platform which can help you in achieving desired results on a shorter timeline while keeping the cost low.
  • 2. A React Native development company has experienced developers who are capable of using new technologies and platforms according to your needs and requirements. They will try to use new things only when they work out fine for your project instead of experimenting with new technology. This saves you from unexpected bugs and issues at a later stage of your app's life cycle.
  • 3. These companies understand the importance of deadlines because they also have clients who expect the same. They will try to deliver your project as soon as possible without compromising on quality standards.

When you are hiring a company for building your app, start with shortlisting a few companies who can do it for you at an affordable rate and then demand them to provide you with examples of their previous projects before taking any final decision.

You can also ask them about how they work or if they have certain methods in place to keep the workflow running smoothly throughout the project cycle.

For example, some of these companies work with clients on Agile methodology where tasks are divided into small sub-tasks which are allocated among various team members so that after finishing one subtask; everyone knows what's next in queue making sure there is no delay in the project delivery.

There are many companies that provide React Native app development services around the world such as MedRec Technologies.

Why Choose MedRec Technologies for Your React Native App Development Needs?

MedRec Technologies is a leading software development company with offices in the USA, UK, and India. We have been providing hybrid app development solutions along with our dedicated team of web and mobile developers and UI/UX designers who also help in designing custom logos and icons for apps if required.

Our development process starts with understanding our clients' requirements and business goals so we can develop custom software solutions to meet their needs which helps us in creating innovative products that add value to your business.

Our app developers are well versed in this framework and have years of experience in working with technologies like Node JS, Babel, React Native, Redux, ES6+, Jest, MongoDB, and so on. We have successfully delivered many mission-critical mobile applications for our clients that include industry leaders in retail, education, healthcare, entertainment, and much more.

Some of the highlights about our services are:

 React Native Development Company: Hire React Native Developers
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed:
    This refers to our responsibility to deliver successful projects on time.
  • Proven track record for developing innovative solutions using React Native:
    By this, we mean that our team possesses excellent problem-solving capabilities to deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines.
  • Native iOS & Android App Development:
    Here, we are talking about having extensive expertise in developing native applications for iOS and Android platforms using React Native.
  • Adaptive UI/UX Designs:
    This refers to the flexibility of our design framework that allows us to deliver apps with adaptive user interfaces (UIs).
  • Full support for ReactJS & Redux frameworks:
    Our developers have relevant experience working on these frameworks which empower them to develop excellent features utilizing React JS and Redux technologies.
  • Lifetime support for bug fixes and minor updates:
    Here, we are talking about a binding contract on lifetime support for bug fixes and minor updates.
  • Timely delivery:
    This refers to a commitment that we can deliver your app on time as per the set milestones without any delay.
  • Outstanding app performance through speed optimization:
    Through this, we offer you access to ongoing consulting during the development of the project to enable performance optimization with your input.
  • 100% transparency on project costs:
    This is crucial as you have a clear idea about all costs associated with the project including ongoing developer fees, hosting, etc. so that there are no hidden costs at any point in time.
  • High-end product quality assurance through UAT(User Acceptance Testing):
    Our high-quality app developers have strong working experience in this area which makes them capable enough to provide you with world-class testing services for native and hybrid apps.
  • Flexible project management options:
    You can opt for either a fixed-price or hourly pricing model depending on your budget and requirements for the mobile app.
  • Secure backend storage solutions so you never lose data again:
    This refers to the secure backend storage solutions that we provide through Firebase and other similar providers.
  • 24x7 support:
    Our team members are constantly available to offer assistance and guidance with the various challenges you face during the development of your app.
  • Flexible pricing plans:
    This speaks for itself as it is a clear sign showing our commitment to our clients to reduce their budget constraints.
  • Cross-platform apps:
    We develop highly optimized cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web Apps, and Hybrid App Development using Ionic Framework or React Native for fast delivery within a short duration.
  • Assistance with integration, migration, and deployment:
    By this, we mean that we are always at your side to solve the critical problems you face during development.
  • Experience in all major platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows phone:
    Our experience on all the platforms gives us an edge to deliver better and unmatched services in comparison to other companies.
  • 100% hand-coded:
    We don't use templates or pre-made software, every app is designed from scratch by our developers thus increasing the time taken but also making sure that you get 100% satisfaction with our work.
  • Most competitive rates:
    We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies to offer our clients high-quality apps at highly competitive rates.

Our team of brilliant developers can accomplish any given task within a short duration, which is why our services are highly recommended.

The great thing about our company is that it is never too late to get in touch with us.

We provide round-the-clock support to ensure that all your questions are answered without hesitation.

As an end result, you will have access to high-end customized apps for various platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, & Android that will make you stand out from the crowd and drive maximum ROI for your business.

Last but not least, we provide free apps for our loyal customers.

So, contact us today!

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