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The next big thing in Software Development

Recent Trends in Software Development

In recent years, technology has been emerging faster than expected. To thrive and stay ahead of the competition, it is important for business owners to evolve. They need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the market. For software development companies, it is important that they are aware of the latest trends and adopt the trends as early as possible.

While you may have heard of the latest technology buzz, there are some cutting edge software development tools and languages that can particularly offer tremendous benefits. Embracing new techniques with collective platforms and tools for your applications can position your application and platform as the next big thing.

New trends in software development, programming languages and tools like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, automation and libraries not just make it convenient for developers but also speeds up the process and make your applications ready for the next level.

While there is a list of trends, let’s discuss a few most recent and latest software development trends which are the next big thing in the IT-

AI-assisted automation

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest advent in the world of software development. Reducing manual intervention, AI-assisted automation reduces complexity and can handle real-world actions with its exceptional neural algorithms. The cognitive computing ability facilitated in AI processes mimics the human mind when worked along with Machine Learning techniques.

To stay ahead in the competition and increase their business efficiency, it is important for Organizations to get smart work done with smart processes. AI-assisted automation not just assists in supporting the regular mundane task but also enables better employee and team productivity for Organizations and their team.

AI assisted automation | Robotic Process Automation Multiplatform User Interface Development

Developing a platform-centric application is a tedious task. Developing applications for Android, iOS, and web separately can cost huge time and resources for Organizations. Working on apps individually to fit in all platforms for a global reach can affect the timelines and also turn away developers working on it.

Thus, when you have the vision to build a global application with extensive features, it is important you opt for multiplatform development tools. These tools like ‘Google Flutter’ and ‘Microsoft Xamarins’ support you to create apps using native UI libraries, APIs and functions for Android and iOS, Windows and web. The applications built for one platform can be run across various platforms as they are built using a native code which makes it convenient and time and cost-effective.


A report by Gartner suggests, ‘By 2022, more than a billion people will have some data about them stored on Blockchain without even being aware of it.’ The loudest buzzword and fastest-growing skill in demand, Blockchain is the latest technology in the world of software development. Blockchain as a technology is most preferable in the financial market.

However, Blockchain along with AI would work to create applications emphasizing more accuracy and security. Blockchain, however, is popular for its transparency and dynamic security and privacy parameters. Exploring Blockchain to its true potential, it is the technology that would completely transform the digital platforms and how data is utilized.

Blockchain Security Solutions Third-Party API’s

APIs for application and software development have been developed since the early days. However, the recent spurt in technology has witnessed many options available readymade and tailor-made. Even for developers who spend hours building API for application features and functions, there are already many third Party API’s readily available for use. Whether for processing content, image or even maps for mapping software, all the APIs are available that can be easily plugged in. Why would you then waste time building something that is already there? It saves both your time and cost.

Utilizing programming languages

Just like various software technologies available to be used simultaneously, there are also programming languages and frameworks that can be used simultaneously for development. What is important, is that Organizations understand and choose the best programming language right at the start. According to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2018, Javascript is the most popular language now and for the coming 6 years. It is already widely used by the developer’s community. Thus, knowing the latest and popular languages like Python, Ruby, Swift, SQL, Java, C++, C# can be beneficial for business in the long run.

Hence, the innovation of new technologies and feasibility created by multi-platform tools would support Organizations and developers to build applications and softwares conveniently. Such adaption would support Companies to grow multifold and build applications for future use.