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Client Profile

Our client is a London based real estate agent with property details information across counties in the UK. The client mainly deals with and continuously updates the databases on all the open property cases through the authorised access to the respective governing body across London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasglow and Edinburgh.

It includes real estate data, collected and maintained with processes consistent with the stringent standards for Mortgage Commercial Transactions, Foreclosure Records and Bankruptcy Records.


Our client needed an integrated platform for a website and Mobile application which could provide all the updated information/data of the properties in the UK. The client needed that the user whether buyer or vendor, whoever visits the website or app should be able to extract all the relevant information. This included Mortgage Application Data Entry, Foreclosure Data Entry and Bankruptcy Data Entry. (on their defined online content management application program.)

Due to the huge investment amounts involved, the whole exercise needed strong attention to details to carefully extract, check and verify data before being entered on their websites; even the minutest mistake could lead to legal action against the client.

Hence the database needed regular updates with thoroughly verified and accurate information. The minutest latency (any delay) in replication of data from the database to the website or App would not be tolerated.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers


After analysing the criticality we presented our client with a solution that included a strong and promptly created time-based database integrated with the Website and Mobile App.

Backed by a strong team of data entry specialists and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, we accurately capture data from official transaction documents like Deed of Trust, HUD provided local level data and other online sources. The required details are keyed-in in an easy-to-access file format such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, etc.

  • Data Classification & Analysis

  • Verification of Authorized Signatory

  • Online Data Research and Extraction

  • Online Data Entry

Elements of data we collect from our client include:

  • Owner's Name

  • Document Number

  • Property's Address

  • Loan Type

  • Loan Amount

  • The expiry date of the Loan

  • Legal Description

  • Financial Details of the Property


Technologies used for the development of backend, frontend, Website, Mobile app.

  • Server Side, Website and Technologies :   C#, Microsoft.Net framework, Entity Framework, WebAPI, MVC, IIS, JSON. Azure Cloud, JavaScript, jQuery, Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server 2012 etc.

  • Android Mobile App :   Android Studio, Java, WebAPI, JSON etc.

  • iOS Mobile App :   Swift 3.2, WebAPI, JSON etc.

Implementation (End To End Solution)

Our PropertyOne Solution Services assist you in managing your entire process very efficiently, helping you reduce your annual expenditure considerably. The solution maintained a user-friendly view with multiple platform accessibility like web access and Mobile access over iOS and Android app.

Our solution covered the challenges of carefully extracting, verifying and feeding details over the database and maintaining minimum latency for integration/replication of this data over the platforms ie, Web and Mobile.

The internal record keeping system and services provided to client's end user.

  • Title Processing Replacement

  • Lien Release Processing

  • Foreclosure Collateral Management

  • Document Recording Services

  • Title Searches

  • Document Imaging & Delivery

  • Re-conveyance / Trustee Services

  • Document Retrieval Services


Since the updated information is promptly and accurately generated on the client's Websites and Mobile Apps they are getting plenty of site visits and registrations. Multiple platforms availability has also resulted in increased number of users.

By availing to our outsourcing services, the client has improved preparedness to focus on extending their core business. One of the major benefits derived by the client includes greatly reduced operational costs.